Want Curls?


Silky and Straight.


Discover SETA

All flatirons and curling irons are damaging regardless of cost. SETA hair offers a new, revolutionary way to style your hair damage-free.

Our technology allows you to style your hair fast and beautifully without damage. Our pure ceramic plates isolate heat and will leave your hair beautiful, shiny, silky and smooth for up to 5-days.

Our 6-in-1 Flatiron

SETA delivers the best flatiron on the market, allowing you to create beautiful looks in record time without burning or damaging your hair. Unlike typical flatirons, our products are created with 100% solid ceramic plates. You won’t have to worry about the ceramic coating wearing off and exposing hot metal that will leave your hair with frizz and split ends.

Our 6-in-1 flatirons are designed for fast and easy styling: straight, curls, crimps, waves, flip-ins and flip-outs.

Our Curling Wands

Our solid ceramic curling wands use infrared technology to effortlessly create beautiful curls. Our curling wands use the natural oils and minerals in your hair to lock in the curl without damaging it. Additionally, you can ditch gels, mousse, and hair-sprays; SETA curling wands give you gorgeous curls for up to 5-days without the need for harmful hair products.


The Last Hair Styling Tools You’ll Ever Need

teal SETA flatiron Are you youthful and super trustworthy? Then our teal color may be the perfect match. $275


Attention-grabbing, confident, bold, and energetic, is that you? Do your styling in red. $275


Are you known as compassionate, creative, and contemplative? Choose our purple flatiron. $275


If elegance and sophistication describe you, you’ve found your match in sleek black. $275


teal curling wand Create those beautiful, flawless curls with our high-end, easy-to-use curling wand. $225


teal curling wand Get gorgeous curls with almost no effort. Our curling wands lock in curls naturally for days. $225