What Is Infrared Technology?

With our Infrared Heat Technology, no direct heat is applied to your hair. It generates heat that penetrates the hair cuticle, using your hair’s natural oils and minerals to heat from the inside out. This not only protects the outer layer of your hair, but it will also ensure that hair is heated evenly, gently, and quickly. Infrared technology limits the amount of heat exposure and damage that is typically seen through the use of regular heating elements in traditional hair styling tools.


What’s Wrong With Ceramic-Coated and Tourmaline Plates?

Ceramic is a stone that naturally isolates heat – when used in hair styling tools, it prevents damage to the hair, making it smooth and shiny. SETA’s hair straightener and curling wand use 100% solid ceramic plates to take full advantage of its heating benefits. Typical flatirons use metal plates that are ceramic-coated. Ceramic coating can wear or flake off, leaving nothing but hot metal running through your hair. Metal will make your hair frizzy and create split ends, rather than making it smooth and shiny as true ceramic would.


What Damage Can I Avoid With This Product?

With SETA’s hair styling tools, you will create smooth, shiny, silky, and soft hair that looks and feels beautiful. By combining ceramic and infrared heat technology, we help you avoid hair that is damaged, dried out, or frizzy. You can straighten your hair without kinks, split-ends, or heat damage.


Will I Still Need Hair Products?

The infrared technology activates the natural oils and minerals in your hair, so you won’t need mousse, hairspray, gel or any other product. In fact, the less product you use, the better your results will be.


How Long Will It Take To Straighten My Hair?

The length of time it takes to straighten your hair will depend on the length and thickness of your hair; however, with the SETA flatiron it should only take 5-10 minutes.

How Long Will It Stay Straight?

Because the infrared technology takes advantage of your hair’s natural oils, it can stay straight for up to five days. The same technology in our curling wand will create curls that can last up to five days or until you wash it.


How Will My Hair Feel?

Rather than dry and frizzy, your hair will feel smooth, silky, and soft. It will feel just as great as it looks.


Is It Available With A Warranty?

Yes! Our products are available with a limited lifetime replacement warranty that will cover any breakage, failure to heat, or other malfunction due to design or manufacturing defect, for as long as you own the product. Certain exclusions and limitations apply. Contact SETA for more detailed information.