About Our Products

Why Settle For Basic Results From Basic Materials?


Our innovative flatiron and curling wand are expertly designed with infrared technology and higher quality materials than your common store-bought styling tool. Most flatirons and hair straighteners available in the market have plates that are simply ceramic coated. Over time, basic ceramic coating will wear off, leaving nothing but hot metal that will damage more than style.


SETA’s tools are made with 100% solid ceramic, not just ceramic coated, giving you hair that is smooth, shiny, and free of damage. Ceramic is a natural stone that works to isolate heat, so rather than using metal with a light ceramic coating, trust a flatiron that takes full advantage of the ceramic benefits. Our flatirons are the only products available with real ceramic plates, making them the only products that will truly protect your hair.


Straighten, Style, and Smooth With Infrared Technology


While our high-quality ceramic plates are enough to protect your hair, SETA also uses infrared heat technology to lock in unmatched results. Traditional flatirons use regular heat elements that will fry your hair; SETA’s products are equipped with innovative technology that uses your hair’s natural oils and minerals to lock in the straight, smooth, and shiny hair you want. By combining ceramic plates with infrared heat technology, SETA’s 3-in-1 Straightener and Curling Wand will leave you with hair that feels soft and silky with no frizz in sight!